Recently, I have seen a post on LinkedIn where a girl who won the third price looks happier than a boy who won the first price. That post made me think and learn a lot about happiness. In the adjoining paragraphs, let me explain my view about happiness more in detail.

Happiness resides not in money, nor in possession, and even not in any other external entity. Actually, it dwells in the soul. First and foremost, we cannot clearly define what happiness is, as it varies from person to person. However, we all are driven by the need to be happy behind everything we do.

Most people chase after money, power, status, property, and relationships, not for what they are, but because we think they could lead us to happiness. Unfortunately, all these external entities will give only short-term pleasure or joy. For instance, a recent research article revealed that some poor people are happier than some richer folks.

Happiness is not about the absence of problems, it is the ability to deal with them. Firstly, happiness is a state of mind, so anyone can live a happy life when they start recognizing good in everything they do. Secondly, happiness is found when you start living your life, instead of others. Thirdly, true happiness is attained when you surrounded by a lovable family and friends. For instance, if you observe the children, you can understand why children are always happier than well-grown men or women.

In conclusion, I would like to recapitulate by stating that, happiness is not a by-product of any external entity, it is actually inherent in us.