Turning 30 is one of the shocking moments in my life as it comes with more responsibility. I believe, each and everyone wants to stay young, but when I had made that choice I was shocked to find out that my body was actually three years older than it should be! Hence, I did some research and found some useful tips on “how to stay young”. In the forthcoming paragraphs, let me explain my findings with you all.

Firstly, your attitude plays a major role in your health. If you are an optimist, you can live longer. Even if you get ill, you can easily make better recoveries.

Secondly, regular exercises have been proven by many studies that they will impact on physical and mental health. Besides, they will also help to reduce stress and depression level.

Thirdly, a good diet is very important to live a healthy life. Usually, the human body tends to break protein into amino acids, which are essential for growth and repair of body, that you can find it in fish and dairy products. Moreover, loads of fruits and vegetables will cut down the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. Additionally, they will also help to control body weight as they are low in calories and fat.

Finally, receiving unconditional love, practical and emotional support from your dear ones will also help to improve your health and increase your life expectancy. For instance, the people who stay in families live longer than the people who stay alone.

In conclusion, I would like to reemphasize my point by stating that your attitude, physical activities, diet plan, and surroundings play a vital role in your health. Hence, the choices you make now on your daily habits will definitely impact on your well-being.