A few months back, my house owner had decided to renovate my apartment, so he asked me to stay with any one of my friends’ house for a week. I said okay to him and called my friend, who was staying very close to my office, to check if he had enough space in his residence. My friend immediately asked me to come and told me to stay in his flat as long as I wanted.

When I was there, my friend usually gave me a lift to and from the office. I enjoyed my time over there as it took only very few minutes to reach the office from his apartment. One day, when we returned back to the apartment from the office, someone hit our bike from behind. My friend lost his control, so we both of us literally flew in the air - I thought it was my last day. Luckily, nothing happened to us and we both escaped from a major accident with a few minor scratches on our body.

After that incident, I recalled all the bad things I had done and the little absurd things I had worried about. I wondered how big all these worries seemed years ago, but how ridiculous they were when death charges threated me.

Life is too short to be little, so let us not allow ourselves to be upset for small things that we could easily ignore and forget. We usually think we have endless time to live but we never know which moment is last. Therefore, care for others, share whatever you have with those less fortunate than you, spread love, and celebrate each and every moment of life.